Thank you very much for registering for the 2021 Ellerslie Santa Parade on Sunday 5th December.  We are glad to have you as part of the Parade.

There are a few different bits of information here so please read through to the end to ensure you do not miss anything.

  • H&S PLAN - Please read through and accept this on behalf of your group in order to take part in the parade.
  • INDEMNITY CLAUSE  - To be completed if you have a float in the parade
  • PARTICIPANT INSTRUCTIONS  - with check in times and locations etc,

The Santa Parade starts at 11am, and FLOAT CHECK-IN is at 9.30am and WALKING GROUP CHECK-IN is at 10.30am .  The roads are closed at 10.00am, no cars are allowed to be parked on the main street after this time as they will be towed.  Floats must arrive at Cawley Street no later than 10am!

You will be emailed in the week leading up to the parade with the line up and any other information you may require

Ellerslie Santa Parade H&S Plan 2021

The Health & Safety at Work Act (2015) has prompted the Ellerslie Community Arts Trust (the organisers of the Santa Parade to enforce the following terms and conditions which must be strictly adhered to:

You are required to take all steps to ensure that anything you do with respect to the Ellerslie Santa Parade does not harm or injure yourself or others (either parade participants or the general public).

All float operators must ensure vehicles and floats are safe and in good operating order.  All floats must be constructed with safety in mind.  All props should be fastened securely.  Young children should not be positioned close to the edge of a moving float without a safety rail or sides.  Passengers should not be under 5 years of age.  Where necessary, floats should include a safety barrier or a rail for standing passengers to hold on to in the event of sudden stopping.  All vehicles/floats must drive at a steady walking pace in the parade and keep a minimum distance of 10 meters must be maintained between each float. All parade vehicles must be registered, have a current WOF certificate, and insurance. All drivers to hold a current drivers license.

All floats using power or generators must use an isolating transformer in case of wet weather.  The risk of electrical shock from any equipment due to adverse weather (or other factors) will be minimised by the normal practise of using isolating transformers and through the protection of leads and points with RCDs and circuit breakers.  These will be the responsibility of entertainment or display group.

The indemnity clause at the end of the health and safety plan will need to be completed prior to the parade, a copy of this document must also  be given to your driver.

Important: No articulated trucks or Hiab trucks are permitted in the parade.  Flat deck trucks are permitted.

All children participating in the parade must be under the direct supervision of an adult at all times.  Floats with children must be supervised by adults at a ratio of at least 1 adult : 4 children

Prior to the parade all participants, especially children should be instructed where to meet by a leader of your group.  The event organiser/volunteers, in co-ordination with the Ellerslie Community Patrol group will manage the Lost Person area from the Cnr of Cawley St and Main Highway before the parade, and from the Community Patrol office in the War Memorial Hall during the parade.

Children must be supervised in the float assembly area at all times.  This is a very busy area with lots of moving vehicles and equipment.  Vehicles manoeuvring must be done with a spotter or marshal in place.

Absolutely no give-away items are to be thrown from vehicles or floats during the parade. This includes balloons, sweets etc. Give-away items may be handed to spectators during the parade but this must be done by persons on foot and well clear of any moving vehicle or float. If groups do this, they will be excluded from next years parade.

All participants and parade marshals should be advised verbally, prior to the parades commencement, of any hazards associated with moving  (floats/trucks) or the surrounding environment.

Parade spectators are advised through advertising and publicity to remain on curb.  Parade marshals and community patrol volunteers will reinforce this message to the crowds. 

Marshals will position the floats/parade participants at the assembly area and disperse floats at the end of the parade.  All participants must be assembled and ready to move when the parade starts at 11am sharp.

  • Floats to arrive at 9.30am and no later than 10am
  • Walking groups to arrive at 10.30am

Should an accident/incident occur immediately before, during or after the parade, then you are required to notify a parade marshall, or notify the parade manager on 027 779 5033.

In the event that medical assistance is required, contact a St John or police/fire police officer, or any clearly identified parade official.  If one of these people is not readily available, dial 111 and ask for ambulance and notify the ambulance operator of your location.  St John Ambulance personnel will be in attendance at the event.

Contractors supply sound, staging or interactive entertainment for this event and will be required to display their COC certificate to event organiser prior to the event.

The following measures have been brought in to comply with best practice for the COVID 19 response:

  • We require all event participant to CHECK IN with the contact tracing app – QR code will be there to scan on arrival.
  • If you are unwell – stay home
  • Follow basic hygiene measures – wash or sanitise your hands regularly, avoid touching your face, sneeze or cough into the crook of your elbow
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Thank you for submitting your Ellerslie Santa Parade H&S Form on behalf of your group

Participant Instructions


  • Floats - 9.30am as the road is closed from 10am and there is less parking space on Cawley Street this year. Please don’t arrive later than 10am!
  • Walking Groups at 10.30 am outside the BP Station in the marked area.
  • Please ensure you check in with our Coordinator  on your arrival, and you will be advised of your position in the parade
  • Pre-Parade Entertainers, MC & Contractors- you will be advised separately on arrival time and location

PARADE ASSEMBLY Located at Cawley and Hewson Streets from 9.30am – SEE PARADE MAP, Parade starts at 11am, your group must be ready to depart at this time.

PARADE DISPERSAL On completion of the parade:
WALKING GROUPS:  turn right onto Cawley Street to disperse
FLOATS:  to carry on Main Highway and exit via Ellerslie Panmure Highway (no right turn into Cawley St)  Floats can stop briefly on Main Highway next to the Ellerslie Domain to drop off any float participants before exiting onto Main Highway.

ROAD CLOSURE 10.00am-12.30pm in the Town Centre – FOR DETAILS AND DETOURS SEE PARADE MAP ATTACHED.   Participants with heavy / bulky items and floats will be allowed through the roadblocks by the marshals.

TRAFFIC/INTERSECTIONS  Parade must keep to left lane at Cawley St/Main Hwy and Amy St/Main Hwy – road closure is left lane only and bus traffic has access to the right lane. Please ensure all children are well supervised around road areas.

PARKING  No Parking in the town centre from 9.30am.  Tow away by Auckland Council, Tel 301 0101.

PUBLIC CARPARKS the Robert Street carpark will be closed to participants and spectators - tow away will apply, as above.

PARTICIPANTS & SPECTATORS need to park OUTSIDE of the town centre.  Please consider local residents if parking in surrounding streets. If participants are being dropped off please ensure this is done in a safe, legal place.

BANDS ONLY may park and practice in the Cawley St reserved parking areas, as advised by the Parade Co-ordinators. 

CHILDREN in walking groups must be supervised by adults, please take extra care during parade assembly as there will be moving floats and trucks in the area. 


  • Are required to have a safety plan in place. Please ensure the following:
  • All participants have been advised of safety arrangements
  • Truck driver is responsible for passengers in vehicle or on tray, and must drive at a slow walking pace speed during parade.
  • All children must be supervised by adults. 1 adult : 4 children ration for floats with young children
  • Outer safety rail/barrier on truck tray is required
  • No crowding truck tray – children and adults have room to move and movement to be kept to a minimum. No legs dangling over the edge of the truck tray
  • Vehicle wheels covered/protected from obstructions 
  • Floats must not contain anything of a sensitive or offensive nature and should depict a theme that is sensible for young children
  • Absolutely NOTHING is to be thrown into the crowd from floats or vehicles eg sweets, glitter, balloons etc. If you want to hand out lollies or other items please have someone walk along the road side handing them out.
  • In the event of an incident please urgently advise the MC, parade organiser or security staff who will be visible along the parade route. 
  • All parade entrants must comply with the Health & Safety Plan enclosed
  • All equipment/display materials etc must be securely fastened
  • Please no Santas on floats, there is only one Santa in the parade at the end.     

LOST CHILDREN AREA is at the Cnr of Cawley and Main Highway, and during parade adjacent to Town Square/Community Police Office, Ellerslie War Memorial Hall

TOILETS are adjacent to Ellerslie War Memorial Hall, Corner Arthur St & Main Highway.

FIRST AID St Johns Ambulance in attendance, beside the Ellerslie War Memorial Hall.

WATER There is a water fountain in the Town Square. If hot, please bring water bottles.

WEATHER Participants bring own weather appropriate supplies eg hats, sunblock and drinks.  Adequate shelter for spectators is available under shop awnings and verandahs.

NO POSTPONEMENT.  In the event of very high winds and/or torrential rain the event will be CANCELLED.  Check the Ellerslie Business Assn Website and Facebook page for updates on the day. If cancelled, your group contact will be called asap.  Also if Auckland moves up in COVID alert levels the parade will be cancelled.

Parade Map


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