It’s only a short journey to an enjoyable destination

Meet a mate for coffee, grab lunch in a cosy cafe, go for a walk and experience our lively yet unique village. Ellerslie is the place to be!

Our shops are conveniently located making them a great meeting point.
Visit us if you have a few things on your “to do” list, but feel free to indulge a little. We’ve got good eats, boutique fashion stores, jewellery and gift stores, and many other services including barbers and massage. Everything you need is here.

SHOP LOCAL, SUPPORT LOCAL!  There’s no need to fight crowds like at a generic mall.

For more info on our businesses, please check out our detailed directory

We’ve been bringing people together since 1857

Ellerslie is the perfect spot to catch up with family and friends. You are surrounded by dozens of shops and a huge range of appetising dining options. With many businesses and shops situated next to each other, you can easily grab something to eat, meet with your accountant, grab a nice bottle of red wine for later, or get a massage during your lunch break.

Or you can take it easy and enjoy the scenery with a delicious takeaway coffee. Stroll around and you will encounter English Oaks throughout, adding a strong seasonal hue. Bookending the neighbourhood are Norfolk Pines, which add a vibrant sparkle at night. 

Our community embraces a variety of festivals, stage productions, music events, and art exhibitions, including our renowned Ellerslie Spring Fairy Festival. Additionally, Ellerslie is well serviced with local sports grounds at Ellerslie Domain, Liston Park and Michaels Ave Reserve.  

Ellerslie is about people. It’s easy to connect with us as we’re located just off the motorway and there’s plenty of parking available. We’re also easily accessed by public transport, trains and buses run frequently throughout the day.

Our history is intertwined with the Ellerslie races

In 1848, Scottish politician and entrepreneur, Robert Graham, bought two blocks of land and built the “Ellerslie House” as a family homestead. He named the land Ellerslie after Elderslie, Scotland.

His wife rode her horse on a track near their home every morning, and this area is still known as Ladies Mile. Yet, horse racing in Ellerslie began in 1857, after Graham held a race meeting on his land.

Over the years, thousands of racing fans have traveled to our town for the Summer Carnival and Auckland Cup Week. While the horse races draw people from all over the country, they also enjoy our community, wide variety of shops, and delicious food.

Another reason you may have heard of our town is for its famous film role. That’s right: Ellerslie was a location featured in Once Were Warriors. Since the film’s release in 1994, the New Zealand film industry has taken off. And so has Ellerslie.


Shops with great expertise and service

Our suburb has grown and emerged as one of the most visited neighbourhoods in Auckland since the turn of the century. Over the years, many things have changed but Ellerslie is still a great spot to meet friends and relax.

We go out of our way to make sure you get what you’re after. Your satisfaction, your happiness, brings a smile to our faces.

Whether it’s a much-needed acupuncture session or a pie craving, the Ellerslie shops are here to deliver the goods. Find out more and plan your day (or night) by checking out our local business directory.


What's new for Ellerslie Community?

Stay up-to-date on the latest happenings and events

Ellerslie, like many great Auckland suburbs, thrives when everyone is involved. When locals help one another and visitors feel welcome.

The Ellerslie community is home to well-known festivals and other events that bring Kiwis from all over Auckland. Be sure to check out what’s on and save the dates.

Big Thanks

To the Orakei Local Board for sponsoring many of our local events.

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