Eat Local

Meet family or friends for a great meal, and satisfy your cravings!

Mexican. Indian. Japanese. Italian. Thai , and the best vegan pies in town! These are just a few of the flavours you can taste and enjoy when you step into our neighbourhood. 

All situated within walking distance from one another, you have a wide variety of dining options to choose from in Ellerslie. Restaurants, cafes, pubs, takeaway shops - you can have a quick bite or you can sit down and indulge in fine cuisine, and lets not forget the amazing gelato shop too!

Celebrate your birthday or anniversary in candlelight. Watch the All Blacks demolish the opposition with your mates over some pub grub. Relish your time out during lunch time.   Whatever your preference is, whether you want to eat early in the morning or later in the evening, we have something you can sink your teeth into.


Give your appetite the time of day

If you are an early bird, our Ellerslie cafes are sure to help you tackle the day with the right energy!  Stop in during the morning and you’re sure to be welcomed by the enticing smells of freshly roasted coffee and tasty breakfast dishes. Indulge in traditional savoury meals or treat yourself to a sweet brunch.

Start your day at one of our neighbourhood favourites:

Takeaways & Bakeries

Grab lunch or dinner on the go

Choose from a hearty selection of pasta, sandwiches, burgers, tacos, kebabs, pizzas and salads. Or compare award-winning pies from two well-known eateries in town. No matter what, you’ll walk away full and happy.

Whether you are picking up something on the go, ordering online for delivery, dining with workmates, or even having a relaxed business meeting, Ellerslie has a lot to offer.

Restaurants, Casual Dining & Bars

Dig into a mouthwatering steak. Nibble on slow-cooked ribs and enjoy a crisp pilsner beer. Chomp into a grilled chicken burrito. Devour a bowl of spicy curry. Share some pizza and pasta over a bottle of Italian wine.

Catch up with mates, take your partner out for a romantic evening, or order a takeout.  No matter where you go,  Ellerslie offers foodies, as well as beer and wine enthusiasts, a wonderful range of different tastes, including:

Though, sometimes, a night in with some tasty takeaways is all you need!  We also have many options if Netflix and good eats at home are what you’re after.

Feel free to check our directory below for more details. 

Find your food with our directory


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